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bbc merlin fest: day #5

Favorite Knight: Gwaine
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okay but listen

1. Awkward But Present First Time Dad Balinor.

2. Baby Merlin.

3. Hunith was 100% out plowing fields 45 minutes after childbirth, don’t be such a godamn whiner Bal


Shadow at Night

painted by Anne Terkelsen

Finally got round to finishing this painting of Freyndyal. As always his face is based on the lovely Colin Morgan.

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#Katie mcgrath


Because Arthur is ridiculously adorable and less of a clotpole when he’s asleep

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For sorcererinslytherin - sorry this isn’t in time for your rainy midterm week - turns out I was pretty busy last week myself! But maybe you’ll consider this quickie as a “yay you did it!!” from me to you <3 congrats!

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i’m really mad about merlin tho

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Colin Morgan attends the press conference for “Testament Of Youth" during the 58th BFI London Film Festival (x).

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